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How you Can Save your Marriage and Avoid Divorce.

It is normal to see people getting married in church when they reach a certain age. Time to time we get invitation to attend weddings for either our friends or relatives.

The dating period is a time when couples learn the interest of one another as well as more important details about each other. They do many activities together and when they are finally ready they get married.

It is advisable for couples to go for counselling before they get married. Women and men have different roles in marriage, during this counselling period, these are the things they are taught. They are taught some of the problems that couples might go through when married and how to solve them. The counselling is mostly done by church leaders and also the brides and grooms relatives.

It is normal for couples to experience conflicts and arguments at one some point in their marriage. The harmony that they enjoyed in past starts drifting. In extreme cases the couple will want to have a divorce.

Divorce should be the last thing for any couple, it should only be considered if nothing seems to work out. In such cases it is advisable to consider going for counselling. The counseling can either be done individual, where each couple goes to see the therapist alone or you go for the counselling sessions together.

The marriage counselor usually use different techniques when trying to solve conflict between couples. The therapist will remind you all the good times you shared as a couple, while you were dating and when the relationship was new. Study has shown that couples going through difficult situation in their lives are likely to start drifting away from each other.

When people get married their main goal is usually happiness, companionship, satisfaction and support, when it reaches a point where those needs are not being meet, disputes between the couple will start to rise. The marriage counselor will try and see how both of you can work to getting back to a place where those needs were been accomplished.

You can easily find books which have been written about marriage and relationships. As part of the marriage counselling, couples are advised to read certain books that are recommended by the therapist. You can buy copies of such books online, they are many authors who have written about marriage.

After people get married, if they want they can start having babies. Most couples have very busy schedules, they cannot afford to be around their kids all the time, hence most couples end up hiring a nanny to look after the babies. When looking for a babysitter before hiring one, it is advisable to do a background check on them.

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